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Located approximately 2.5 miles south of Downtown San Luis Obispo, within the City’s Urban Reserve, the Airport Area consists of 1,500 acres of land adjacent to the San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport bordered by the Margarita Area, South Higuera Street, South Broad Street and Buckley Road.  

The Airport Area Specific Plan envisions a mixture of open space, agriculture, business parks and industrial development. Plans for the Airport Area include reuse and regeneration of the natural and built environment; public, private, and environmental value enhancement; and smart and sustainable growth that benefit the community economically, aesthetically and environmentally.

Please visit our Environmental Review Documents page to download the Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and other documents for this project.

The Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) identifies and assesses the anticipated environmental impacts of the City's proposed Airport Area and Margarita Area Specific Plans and related facilities plans, including the Water System Master Plan, Wastewater Master Plan Update, and Storm Drain Master Plan. Response to Comments contains a list of persons, organizations, and public agencies commenting on the draft program EIR; the comments and recommendations received on the draft EIR, and the City's responses to significant environmental issues raised in the review and consultation process.