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Stormwater Information

We strive to minimize urban runoff that enters the municipal storm drain system, and carries bacteria and other pollutants into our local creeks, our watershed and to the ocean.

Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board Requirements Stormwater Post Construction Devices for Development/Redevelopment

General Information Sheet

Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board – Adopted Post Construction Requirements

Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board – Post Construction Requirements Flow Chart

Urban Sustainability Areas (USA)

One of the elements of the Post Construction Requirements is to allow agencies to propose for approval certain areas to be designated as Urban Sustainability Areas. The City of San Luis Obispo has received approval of eight USAs from the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board. The Areas are based on underlying zoning; however, projects must meet the specific criteria associated with the USA to qualify for the benefits.

Meeting the requirements for development in a USA provides for alternative requirements under the adopted Post Construction Requirements.

1) The total amount of runoff volume to be retained from replaced impervious surfaces can be equivalent to the pre-project runoff volume retained. (Section B.4.b)

2) Alternative Compliance may be used for Runoff Retention and Peak Management without demonstration of technical infeasibility. (Section C.3)

Area Criteria and Maps

Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board Approval Letter

Stormwater Control Plan
A Stormwater Control Plan is required to be submitted for all projects to demonstrate exemption or level of compliance required. Post Construction Regulation outlines Stormwater Control Plan content in Performance Requirement 2 - Sections B.3.c, Performance Requirement 3 - Section B.4.g, and Performance Requirement 4 – Section B.5.b.

Through the Stormwater Control Plan submittal, applicants demonstrate compliance with Post Construction Requirements or exemption status.

Stormwater Control Plan Template  Submit this form with your application. Alternatives showing the same information are acceptable.



1. Additional information regarding the background and purpose of the Post Construction Requirements, and Rainfall Depth Maps for 85th and 95th Percentile Storms

Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board


2. Post Construction Requirements Guides and Handbooks

County of San Luis Obispo

County of Santa Barbara


3. Information on Best Management Practices for Post Construction Stormwater Management

California Stormwater Quality Association

  • Industrial & Commercial Handbook

  • Municipal Handbook

  • New Development & Redevelopment Handbooks

4. Information on Low Impact Development – Technical Guidance & Other Information

Central Coast Low Impact Development Initiative


5. Other Related Information

Contra Costa County Post Construction Guidance

City of Santa Barbara Storm Water BMP Guidance Manual 

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