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Documents and Codes

Below are links to Planning codes and policies that may have a significant design impact on a project. The intent of the codes and policies is to assist developers with a clear direction for design and review of projects within the city.

City of SLO Municipal Code


The link above will take you to an interactive version of the City's Municipal Code.  The list below includes sections of the Municipal Code that relate directly to the City's property development standards.  Once the Municipal Code launches, you can navigate to these sections for specific information on these planning related topics.  The Municipal Code is updated periodically by the City Clerk.

Zoning Regulations Cover  Pages from Subdivision RegulationsSidewalk dining


Policies are adopted by resolution and include development guidelines. These policies are not "law," but are often an interpretation of the law that provide clarity regarding the city's desired direction. Policies are applied citywide. The policies most commonly applied to development are listed below.

After several months “under construction”, the new and improved General Plan is now available on line, in hard copy or on CD from the Community Development Department. The General Plan consists of eight elements, or chapters: Land Use, Circulation, Housing, Noise, Safety, Conservation and Open Space, Parks and Recreation, and Water and Wastewater. Adopted individually as separate documents between 1975 and 2014, the documents varied considerably in format, organization and appearance. The 2006 adoption of the Conservation and Open Space Element included changes to the other seven elements and provided an opportunity to combine the elements into one “unified” General Plan.

Pages from Community Design GuidelinesCommunity Design Guidelines

The Community Design Guidelines are intended to describe and inform project designers and applicants of the City's expectations and preferences for the quality and character of new development.  In addition to assisting project designers and developers these guidelines are considered by the Architectural Review Commission as a basis for evaluating the suitability and appropriateness of individual project design and to help achieve attractive and environmentally sensitive development. 


Airport Land Use PlanAirport Planning and Land Use

Property within the City of San Luis Obispo is located within the influence area of the San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport.  The independent body known as the Airport Land Use Commission (ALUC) is responsible for preparing an Airport Land Use Plan for property near the airport which has major significance for allowed land uses and development in the area.  The ALUC is in the process of updating the Airport Land Use Plan and a working draft may be found here:

Hearings occur the third Wednesday of every month at 1:30 pm in the Board of Supervisors Chambers.  County planning staff provides staff support to the Commission and meeting agendas and materials may be found here: