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  • General Plan
    The General Plan consists of eight elements, or chapters: Land Use, Circulation, Housing, Noise, Safety, Conservation and Open Space, Parks and Recreation, and Water and Wastewater.

  • Documents and Codes
    Planning documents including Zoning & Signage Information, The General Plan, Community Design Guidelines, and the Municipal Code.

  • Interactive Maps
    With this series of maps you can find both general City or parcel-specific information. These maps can be customized to your needs, with available information including Aerial Photos, Historic Districts, FEMA Flood Zones, Street Sweeping Schedules, Bus Stop Locations, Local Business Lookup, and Zoning Information

  • Housing
    Information on affordable housing programs, new affordable housing developments, current policy issues and incentives, and links to other useful housing sites.

  • Environmental Review
    Environmental impact reports (EIR) identifying and assessing the anticipated environmental impacts of major projects currently proposed and under review by the City.

Building & Safety

This provides that portion of the San Luis Obispo Municipal Code that establishes the construction and fire codes for the City, effective January 1, 2011.  Only those sections in the 2010 editions of the California Building, Plumbing, Mechanical, electrical codes, and California Residential & California Fire codes that are amended by Ordinance 1510 (2010 Series) are reprinted. 

Engineering Development Review 

FEMA Flood Zone Documents