Legislative Action Platform

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In January of each year, the City Council considers a resolution to establish the City's Legislative Action Platform (the “Platform”). The resolution authorizes staff to respond to legislative issues affecting the City (via letters signed by the Mayor or relevant Department Head), provided the positions taken in those letters are consistent with the priorities identified in the Platform.

The City Attorney's Office coordinates the Platform with assistance from the Administration Department and with input from all City Departments, as appropriate.

Current Legislative Action Platform

Legislative Advocacy Letters sent by the City of San Luis Obispo

Getting Involved:

Letters sent by the City, via the Platform, are directed to whichever State or Federal representatives or staff members hold the most influence over the issue at the time of transmittal. Copies are also sent to local congressional representatives, as appropriate. The contact information used by the City can be found at the beginning and end of each letter, as seen below.

Should you wish, as an individual, to express your opinion regarding an issue the City has taken a position on, the same contact information can be used. Fax transmission is the method most often utilized by the City as recipients rarely publish their email addresses or have web forms that will accept substantial letters or attachments.