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Central Coast Community Energy Agendas and Minutes 

What is Community Choice Energy?

Community Choice Energy (CCE), sometimes referred to as “Community Choice Aggregation,” brings local control, freedom of choice and competition into the electricity marketplace. It does so by allowing local governments to pool the electricity demand of their communities, purchasing power with higher renewable content and lower greenhouse gas emissions. It results in competitive, often lower electricity rates and keeps ratepayer revenues within the community, where they can be reinvested in local energy programs and projects. Read our information sheet here 

Why Community Choice Energy?

Community Choice Energy programs offer a number of potential benefits, including:

  • Sustainability — Significant increase in renewable energy generation and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Economics —  Competitive and stable rates. CCE’s also help support the local economy through jobs creation and local power development.
  • Customer Choice —  Competition and choice in the local electricity market, providing ratepayers with options about their power supplier and level of clean energy they wish to support. 
  • Community Control —  CCE's are community-run, mission-driven, and accountable to the people and businesses they serve.

What is Happening Now

In September of 2018, the City of San Luis Obispo and the City of Morro Bay created Central Coast Community Energy (CCCE), a new organization that hosts the CCE program. In 2019, CCCE will continue to develop the program with the intention of serving customers in 2020. 

How Did We Get Here?

In December of 2013, City staff presented the City Council with a detailed report to educate the Council and Community about Community Choice Energy (CCE). In March of 2015, the City Council approved Resolution No. 10609 confirming the City of San Luis Obispo’s participation in the exploration of CCE. 

In June of 2017, the City Council adopted the 2017-2019 Financial Plan, which identifies Climate Action as a Major City Goal. The goal includes the following objective: “Assess and report the requirements to achieve the ’net-zero carbon City’ target including feasibility analysis and implementation of a Community Choice Energy program.” 

In December of 2017, the City Council held a study session reviewing CCE options and provided staff direction to “pursue forming a new CCE, in conjunction with other interested jurisdictions in San Luis Obispo County and/or in PG&E territory of Santa Barbara County.” In April of 2018, the City Council voted unanimously to move forward with creating a new program in partnership with the City of Morro Bay. 

Are There Other Community Choice Programs?

By the end of 2018, there will be a total of 20 operational CCAs in the state serving a projected 2.5 million electricity accounts. Currently, there are eighteen successfully operating CCE programs throughout the state of California, and dozens of other municipalities are investigating implementing their own programs. Each CCE is saving its customers money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions—and some are already building local renewable energy resources. You can visit their websites to learn more: