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Water Bottle Filling Stations

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On this page the City provides links to various resources for citizens to locate water bottle filling stations, or hydration stations, around San Luis Obispo installed by the City. 

  • A shareable Google Maps link which brings up a custom map with pins locating the precise locations of the water filling stations, including pictures! If used while logged into a Google account, the map should be automatically saved to the account for future use, accessible through the Menu>Your Places>Maps on an internet browser of choice and the Google Maps app.

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  • A SLO Story Map created through the City's website GIS mapping functionality

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As part of the initiative to reduce single use plastic in San Luis Obispo the City has actively increased the accessibility of public water bottle filling stations which will enable and encourage the use of reusable water bottles. 

City ordinance regulating single-use plastic, effective since March of 2018, stipulates:

"It shall be city policy to increase the availability of drinking water for public consumption in public areas by ensuring access to drinking fountains, potable water hook-ups, and with particular emphasis on providing water bottle filling stations"

Currently the City has 12 public water bottle filling stations! The city is always adding more filling stations around the SLO community. Feel encouraged to contact the city (805-781-7100) if you find newly built (City owned) stations which are not included in the resources above!