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The City is currently developing local amendments to the 2019 California Building Code to encourage all-electric new buildings. When paired with Monterey Bay Community Power's carbon free electricity supply, all electric new buildings are carbon free and avoid health and safety issues associated with fossil fuels.

Many community members have asked "How does the program impact my life today?" To help explain the program, please CLICK HERE to read our information sheet. 

At its meeting on Tuesday, September 3, the City Council approved the Clean Energy Choice Program. The City joins more than 50 other California communities currently considering ways to encourage cleaner buildings. Unlike some cities that are banning natural gas entirely, the proposed Clean Energy Choice Program will provide options to people who want to develop new buildings with natural gas. New projects wishing to use natural gas will be required to build more efficient and higher performing buildings and offset gas use by performing retrofits on existing buildings or by paying an in-lieu fee that will be used for the same purpose.

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Previous Community Engagement Events

Building Code Workshop #1 - On May 1, 2019, the City hosted the first Building Reach Code Workshop which included a background presentation on topics related to energy use in buildings, greenhouse gas emissions, advances in electric appliances, and cost effectiveness considerations. 

Building Code Workshop #2 - On July 24, 2019, the City hosted the second Building Reach Code Workshop which consisted of an overview presentation of the proposed approach to carbon neutral buildings and provided an open house workshop inviting participants to share their support and concerns.