City Department Directory

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(805) 781-7114 • 990 Palm Street

The Administration Department is responsible for providing information and recommendations to the Council, implementing council policies, and guiding the day-to-day management of the City. Additional responsibilities include coordinating the City’s economic development efforts, assuring the identification and protection of open space and natural and biological resources in and around the City, and programs related to Cal Poly University and the Performing Arts Center.

City Attorney
(805) 781-7140 • 990 Palm Street

The City Attorney's Office is responsible for providing legal advice to the City Council, various advisory bodies, and staff; representing the City at City Council and Planning Commission meetings; defending the City against claims and litigation, initiating civil lawsuits on behalf of the City; and enforcing and prosecuting violations of the Municipal Code, including both criminal prosecutions and civil abatements; administering the Legislative Action Program and Legal Advocacy Program.

City Clerk
(805) 781-7100 • 990 Palm Street

The City Clerk's Office is part of the Administration Department and is responsible for facilitating the municipal election program, legislative services program, records management program, municipal code, and advisory body program. The City Clerk administers oaths of office, attests and seals official documents, receives and files petitions, appeals, claims, and lawsuits against the City, and acts as filing officer for the California Fair Political Practices Commission.

Community Development
(805) 781-7170, Planning • (805) 781-7180, Building • 919 Palm Street 

The Community Development Department is responsible for the physical development of the City. The activities of the Department range from maintaining long range plans for the City to reviewing plans for new buildings. Divisions of this Department include Long Range Planning, Development Review, and Building and Safety.

Finance and Information Technology
(805) 781-7144 • 990 Palm Street

The Finance and Information Technology Department is responsible for managing the City's financial and information technology operations. This department consists of five programs including Administration, Revenue Management, Accounting, Network Services, and Geographic Information Services.

Fire Department
(805) 781-7380 • 2160 Santa Barbara Avenue  

The Fire Department provides our citizens and visitors with an all-risk emergency service, focused on enhancing safety and protecting lives and property. This Department consists of six major programs including Administration, Emergency Response/Operations, Fire Prevention & Life Safety, Training, Technical Services, and Disaster Preparedness.

Human Resources
(805) 781-7250 • 990 Palm Street 

The Human Resources Department provides centralized human resource support to all City departments. These services include coordination of the recruitment and selection process, employee classification, labor negotiations, workforce diversity administration, employee training, employee benefit administration, liability and claim administration, workers' compensation, and wellness programs.

Parks and Recreation
(805) 781-7300 • 1341 Nipomo Street

The Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for providing the community with a wide range of recreation programs, planning new park facilities, and managing City open spaces that are accessible to the public. This Department can also facilitate the rental of a number of indoor and outdoor recreation sites and manages a wide range of special events and parades that occur in San Luis Obispo.

Police Department
(805) 781-7317 • 1042 Walnut Street

The Police Department is responsible for the health and safety of the residents and visitors of San Luis Obispo. There are a total of six divisions within the department which include Administration, Patrol, Investigations, Support Services, Neighborhood Outreach, and Traffic Safety.

Public Works
(805) 781-7200 • 919 Palm Street

The City of San Luis Obispo Public Works Department provides two primary services: providing safe mobility options for residents, businesses and visitors, and maintaining the public’s infrastructure and assets. Both of these functions are accomplished by delivering services and programs, maintaining and operating public facilities, designing and constructing capital projects, and inspecting and reviewing the public components of private development.

(805) 781-7215, Admin • (805) 781-7133, Billing • 879 Morro Street

The Utilities Department provides essential services that support the community’s health, well-being, and quality of life. This is accomplished by delivering our community the highest level of service, water quality and environmental protection through careful & effective management of our community's resources.