Promotional Coordinating Committee

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Meeting Information

The Promotional Coordinating Committee (PCC) meets the second Wednesday of every month at 5:30 p.m. in the City Council Hearing Room, City Hall, 990 Palm Street, San Luis Obispo, California. For more information contact staff liaison Molly Cano at (805) 781-7165 or email

Purpose, Membership and Terms

The PCC advises the Council in working to improve the quality of life for all City residents and visitors. The committee recommends internal projects to help promote the City as a regional trade, recreation, and tourist center consistent with community goals. The PCC works collaboratively with the City’s Tourism Business Improvement District (TBID) to ensure a unique San Luis Obispo experience for residents and visitors. Annually, the PCC advises Council on city grants to support the promotion of local cultural groups and activities.

The PCC consist of seven members. Six of the members must be residents and registered voters of the City. The other member is a representative of the TBID, who is exempt from the residency requirements. The Council usually seeks applicants with experience in some aspect of promotion, advertising, tourism, or in community cultural activities. Members are appointed to a four year-term and are eligible for re-appointment for an additional four years. The roster of current members, date of appointment, and date of term expiration can be reviewed on the City's Local Appointment List.

Funding for the PCC’s community promotion programs come through the City's General Fund. Promotional activities include the following:

  • Annual Cultural Grants Program which provides grants-in-aid to qualified non-profit organizations for the promotion of events and activities.
  • Increase awareness via public relations efforts for the City of San Luis Obispo targeting its residents and visitors.
  • Beautification projects enhancing the City’s positive public image.
  • Events Promotion Outreach Services through the SLO Happenings brand and application to create awareness and provide information on events and activities happening in San Luis Obispo.
  • Events Promotion Program for local special event sponsorship in coordination with the TBID, to assist in the development of destination events that showcase the attributes of San Luis Obispo.

How can I express my opinion on an upcoming agenda item?

All interested persons are invited to attend Advisory Body meetings to express their views verbally, or to submit written communications to the Advisory Body members ( to express their opinions for or against the agenda item. Citizens are encouraged to present written comments (including emails) at least one day prior to the meeting. This provides the Council and Advisory Bodies with a greater opportunity to review and consider issues and/or concerns expressed in written communications prior to a meeting. Written comments received before, at or during a Council or Advisory Body meeting are included in the public record and posted to the City’s website.

Comments submitted less than three (3) hours before a meeting will be included in the record, but w

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NOTE: Written comments relating to an upcoming agenda item will be distributed and posted online as Agenda Correspondence, pursuant to City Policies and Procedures.

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