Housing Authority

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Meeting Information

The Housing Authority (HA) meets the third Thursday of each month at noon in the Housing Authority office located at 487 Leff Street, San Luis Obispo, California. For more information contact staff liaison Scott Smith at (805) 543-4478 or email For more information about the Housing Authority, please visit

Purpose, Membership and Terms

The HA is directly responsible for policy, staff, and management of the authority's operating budget, approves applications for federal and state housing programs, and assists the City in addressing housing needs for low- and medium-income households. The HA consists of seven members, and terms of office, qualifications for appointment and grounds for removal from office are defined by state law. Appointments to the HA are not subject to residency requirements. Five members are selected at-large and are appointed by the Mayor subject to confirmation by the Council and serve a term of four years. The other two members are appointed by the Mayor from the Housing Authority's tenant population and each serves a two-year term. At least one of the tenant members must be 62 years of age or older. Members of the HA are not subject to term limits. The roster of current members, date of appointment, and date of term expiration can be reviewed on the City's Local Appointments List.