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Applications and Forms - Planning

Applicants are encouraged to meet with Community Development Department staff prior to submitting an application. After discussing your project and important development standards (setbacks, height, parking, landscaping, etc.) that will apply to your project, staff will be happy to discuss and assist you with the application process. Such a preliminary meeting will help expedite the development process. This can be done by telephone at (805) 781-7170 or by visiting our office at City Hall, 919 Palm Street, San Luis Obispo. For additional information regarding the permit review process click here.

Planning Application (168kb, pdf)

This is the City's official Planning Application that must be submitted along with materials included on the appropriate checklist for a complete application, including applicable processing fee. 

Application Checklists (619kb, pdf)

Checklists include all the items needed for a complete application for the various projects that require planning review.  Planning staff will use these lists to check for completeness after they are submitted with the appropriate application fee. Please contact staff to help determine what type of application will be needed for your project. These forms were last updated July 1, 2013.

Architectural Review


 Historic Preservation

 Subdivision Services

 Use Permits


*Public Hearing is required 

Home Occupation Permit Application (305kb, pdf)

A home occupation permit is required when a person does business in a home, uses a home address as a business address on business tax certificates, or uses a home phone as a business phone. This includes businesses where work is actually occurring in the home, such as a home office, as well as home-based businesses doing work remotely, such as landscapers or housekeeping. Please note that property owner and homeowner association signatures of approval are required where applicable. Contact staff if you have any questions while filling out your application form, which can be submitted at the Community Development Department with your Business Tax Certificate Application.

2014 Community Development Block Grant Application

CDBG grants are awarded by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and provide funds for projects and programs that benefit low and moderate income households, businesses and community-based organizations. The application submittal deadline for the 2015 program year is October 15, 2014.

Please contact Tyler Corey in the Community Development Department at (805) 781-7169 or via email if you have any questions or need further information.

Public School Tenant Permit Application(13kb, pdf)

A public school tenant permit application is required when a person establishes a business at the site of a public school at which space has become available do to declining enrollment. If you are interested in locating your business at a public school site, please contact staff to determine if the proposed use is allowed at the site and if this is the appropriate permit path.

Appeal Form (82kb, pdf)

This is the City's official Planning Appeal Form that must be submitted to appeal the decision of Minor or Incidental Architectural Review (appealed to the ARC), Zoning Hearing Officer - Administrative Hearing (appealed to the Planning Commission), or Community Development Director (appealed to the Planning Commission).

Development Review Process Flowcharts (60kb, pdf)

Process flowcharts give the applicant and/or applicant's representative a general idea of the timeline and steps a project may take through the City's various development review processes.  

Development Standards Summary Table (140kb, pdf)

This document summarizes development standards for the City's various zoning designations and includes information on site density, setbacks, building heights, coverage, subdivision requirements and parking in an easy to read table format. These requirements cover most common situations, but special circumstances may exist and the Planning Division should be consulted