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San Luis Obispo Fire Department Encourages Community Members to Prepare Now for Peak Wildfire Season; Offers Fuel Reduction Tips

Post Date:06/24/2020 11:30 AM

The City of San Luis Obispo Fire Department encourages community members to prepare now for wildfire season by managing vegetation on their property, which is critical to reducing the likelihood of a fire starting and spreading.

“This week’s destructive ‘River Fire’ in Paso Robles and last week’s ‘Avila Fire’ in Pismo Beach serve as stark reminders that peak wildfire season is upon us and we are encouraging all community members to take the time now to prepare,” said San Luis Obispo Fire Department Chief Keith Aggson. “We are dedicated and committed to protecting public health and safety, and providing community members with the tools and resources they need to be prepared.”

Community members can help create a defensible space around their home and reduce the threat of wildfire by following the four “R”s of vegetation management: Removal, Reduction, Replacement and Resistant.

  • Tip #1: Remove all dead vegetation within 100’ of home, all vegetation within 10’ of a chimney, and move wood piles at least 30’ from home.
  • Tip #2: Reduce vegetation within 100’ of your home, Space shrubs in groups of 3 with 15’ spacing between groups, Trim plants to 2’ or lower within 10’ of your home and provide for horizontal and vertical separation between trees and shrubs.
  • Tip #3: Replace highly combustible plant species with recommended species and ensure proper spacing between new plants.
  • Tip #4: Fire‐resistant species should be utilized when possible and continue to reduce dead material and thin fire‐resistant species.

The City of San Luis Obispo has recently taken fuel reduction actions to help reduce the threat of wildfire in our open spaces. In coordination with the California Conservation Corps, the City oversaw the removal of dead and downed vegetation in the Irish Hills Natural Reserve, Terrace Hill Open Space, Bowden Ranch and Prefumo Creek.

The state's peak wildfire season typically runs from May through October, but wildfires can occur at any time. The San Luis Obispo City Fire Department encourages all community members to visit for more resources on wildfire preparedness including a “Ready‐Set‐Go” wildfire action plan. This plan will help guide through the process of making homes resistant to wildfires and prepare to leave early and safely in case evacuation is necessary. Together, we can Prepare SLO.

The Fire Department is also planning a public webinar for community members wanting to learn more about the Ready‐Set‐Go program and how to better prepare for wildfires. The webinar will take place at 6:00 PM on July 15th and more information will be release as the date gets closer.

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