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City Takes Action to Implement Emergency Response Measures for SLO Transit

Post Date:03/17/2020 10:10 AM

DATE:                   March 17, 2020


CONTACT:           Gamaliel Anguiano, Transit Manager

                             San Luis Obispo Public Works

                             Transit Services

                             (805) 431-0001



SAN LUIS OBSIPO - The City of San Luis Obispo recognizes that public transportation is a vital service for many people in the community as our bus system provides access to services, places and people for community members. As such, we have developed plans in advance of emergency situations and are moving to implement them prudently and responsibly in light of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and as guided by the County of San Luis Obispo Public Health Department.

The safety of SLO Transit customers and employees is our top priority. We continue to take precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while accessing SLO Transit. Transit service levels will be monitored and adjusted as necessary to continue to provide basic services for the public while also allowing for services that promote social distancing and other individual risk minimization recommendations. promote social distancing and other individual risk minimization recommendations.

SLO transit has enhanced its cleaning efforts to include disinfecting vehicles every 24 hours and individual spot cleaning during daily routes. The cleaning agents used in this effort are deemed effective for these purposes and approved by the FDA to kill viruses like COVID-19.  SLO Transit will also need the help of its passengers.  Passengers are strongly encouraged to take only necessary trips and pursue alternatives to public transit if they are sick.

Customers wishing to limit the use of touch points are encouraged to purchase tickets through the  TRANSIT TOKEN App that can be found at:

The following service change will be implemented on SLO Transit:

 Effective Immediately:

  • SLO Transit will continue to clean and disinfect all services vehicles on a 24-hour basis and as needed on individual runs during the day.
  • Drivers will utilize general precautions to reduce the spread of illness, such as wearing nitrile gloves.
  • SLO Transit encourages the use of onboard hand sanitizer stations when entering the vehicle.
  • SLO Transit encourages purchasing physical and digital bus passes and discourages the use of cash-fares to mitigate human contact with high touch areas.
  • SLO Transit is discontinuing Route 3AAA and 3BBB until further notice
  • SLO Transit is discontinuing school tripper services until further notice.

Please visit for the latest public health updates and recommendations or call the Public Health information line at (805) 788-2903.


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