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Sinsheimer Park Vandalism Investigation Continues, Repairs Underway

Post Date:10/16/2019

Community members within the City of San Luis Obispo have expressed concerns regarding the cost to repair synthetic turf vandalism at the Sinsheimer Playground. We share these concerns and are committed to providing the best available information to the community regarding this repair need. 

On Monday, October 7, a 12' wide by 20' long section of synthetic grass material was cut and stolen from the hillside play area in Sinsheimer Playground. This synthetic grass material is not like other synthetic grass materials readily available for homeowners to purchase at the hardware store and install. This type of synthetic grass used at Sinsheimer Park is stronger, thicker, and provides padding for the play area. Additionally, while the stolen material was 12' wide and 20' long, in order to properly and  safely repair the section, a larger section – 14' wide and 53' long – needs to be replaced to reduce the number of seams in the synthetic grass slide, as well as anchoring it to the top and bottom of the slide area. 

The City is committed to properly repairing and providing the safest play area for kids in our community. The materials needed and size repair area is the minimum repair the City can complete that will provide a safe area for children to play as well as reducing the City's long-term maintenance costs. The estimated cost of this repair includes $9,000 for materials and installation and an estimated $1,000 of City staff time to investigate the vandalism, coordinate the work, and respond to community questions and concerns. 

The Sinsheimer Playground is a special play area that is used by many in the community. Local children even helped planners design a park that included features they wanted to see in a playground. The City is dedicated to maintaining this facility in a safe condition for all users.