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San Luis Obispo Establishes Rideshare Loading Zones in Downtown

Post Date:08/26/2019

A late-night, passenger loading program in downtown San Luis Obispo will began October 1. The pilot program, approved by City Council in August, will enable people to safely enter and exit when using rideshare options like Uber, Lyft and City-licensed taxi companies. This will help curb the current practice of vehicles stopping in travel lanes to pick-up and drop-off passengers and/or having people run across the street to meet vehicles.

The rideshare passenger loading zones include all spaces on both sides of the 700 block of Higuera (between Garden and Broad Streets) excluding the two disabled parking spaces; as well as the commercial loading zone on the 1000 block of Chorro Street (in front of Luna Red). The zones will be enforced from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m., with a 5-minute loading limit. The ‘No Parking’ zones remain in effect from 3 to 5 a.m. to allow for trash pickup and street cleaning.

The pilot program will be tested for one year. The City will consider feedback from police, businesses, users, rideshare companies, as well as Downtown SLO in determining the program’s success. They will look at how often the spaces are utilized, conflicts during parking transition times, and the overall impact on illegal or dangerous drop-offs or pickups in the area. 

If the pilot program is successful, staff will notify Council and the allowance for rideshare parking will continue until otherwise changed by the City Council. If the pilot program needs modifications, staff will make adjustments to promote success and achieve the desired outcomes listed above.

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