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Roundabouts in SLO: How to Drive, Cycle, or Walk

Post Date:06/27/2019

Roundabouts are the City’s preferred form of intersection control. They help traffic flow more efficiently, with fewer delays and greenhouse gas emissions compared to a traffic signal or all-way stop.

Roundabouts can reduce the amount of time pedestrians and cyclists wait to cross an intersection and the speed of traffic at crossing points. Equally important--roundabouts reduce potential for the types of severe crashes that lead to injuries and fatalities on our roads. DOWNLOAD our Roundabout Fact Sheet here.


1. Slow down and watch for pedestrians and bicyclists crossing as you approach the roundabout.
2. Yield to traffic already in the roundabout coming from your left.
3. Once you see a gap in traffic, turn right into the circle and proceed counter-clockwise along the circle until you reach the exit that matches your destination.
4. Use your turn signal and watch for pedestrians and bicyclists crossing again before you exit. Also, make sure to look out for bicyclists who may be sharing the travel lanes to navigate the roundabout as well.


1. Experienced bicyclists may choose to ride through the roundabout with traffic. Riders must obey the rules of the roundabout as if they were driving a car.
2. Less-experienced bicyclists may choose to ride around the roundabout on the protected outside path. The bike lane provides a ramp to the sidewalk-level shared-use path and allows a bicyclist to navigate the same path as a pedestrian around the roundabout.


1. When approaching the crosswalk ramp, make eye contact with drivers approaching the roundabout.
2. When drivers have yielded, continue through the crosswalk to the triangular island.
3. Before proceeding, look for traffic exiting the roundabout and make eye contact with the drivers. Again, once drivers have yielded, continue through the crosswalk.



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