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SLO Climate Coalition Meeting

Post Date:05/07/2019 10:40 AM

The next SLO Climate Coalition meeting is on May 9, 2019  6:30PM  at the Ludwick Center 864 Santa Rosa St.  San Luis Obispo. Free parking is in back. 

We will try our new attendance system again and Lauren would appreciate it if you had the following information ready to fill in when signing in.

1. How many hours have you spent volunteering for the climate coalition since you last filled this survey out (if never, then since the beginning of 2019)? [exclude coalition meetings and local government meetings]
2. Brief description of the work done during the hours listed in (1).
3. How many local government meetings have you attended since you last filled out this survey (if never, then since the beginning of 2019)?

(Starting promptly at 6:30pm)
1.  Welcome and Introductions – Chair Eric Veium (5 minutes)
2.     City Liaisons Update
      a.    City Council Member Aaron Gomez (5 minutes)
      b.    Sustainability Manager Chris Read (5 minutes)
3.  Climate Solution Series Kickoff debrief and June 25 plan – Francisco (10 minutes)
4.  CCE Updates – John (10 minutes) 
5.  Electrify Everything Updates – Mike (5 minutes)
6.   EV Updates – Barry (5 minutes)
7.  SLO Tree Friends and ReLeaf Grant update – Richard (5 minutes)
8.  Outreach – Justin (5 minutes)
9.  Organizational Development – Kristen and Quinn (60 minutes)
a. Mission, vision, values review
b. Pillar/action team names
c. Coalition elevator pitch / talking points
10.  Breakout Action Teams (remaining time, if any)

Next Meetings:
May 23 – **Action Team Meeting
June 6 - *Coalition Meeting, June 20 – **Action Team Meeting
*Coalition meetings are for general business and action team updates
**Action Team meetings are devoted to action teams planning group activities and meeting with other action teams that are able to assist in those actions. 

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