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City Thanks Community Members During National Volunteer Month

Post Date:04/10/2019

San Luis Obispo has a long history of involving its citizens in the business of their City government. Advisory committees and commissions provide an opportunity for interested residents to participate in the governing of their community, while helping to improve the quality of City government by providing the Council with resources to make better-informed decisions. They serve as the “eyes and ears” for the Council and help with communication between the public and the Council. As part of National Volunteer Month, the City wants to thank all of those who participate in these groups to help guide policy decisions and are dedicated to helping with community improvements. Volunteers were honored by the City Council at a recent dinner. 

While some of these bodies are required by State law, some by the City’s Charter, and others were created by City Council to serve the City’s unique needs, all require a benevolent commitment to our community. If you are interesting in joining a City Advisory Body, please click here.

Administrative Review Board
The Administrative Review Board acts as the final decision maker for the City on administrative appeal hearings relating to administrative citations issued for certain contested San Luis Obispo Municipal Code enforcement matters.

Architectural Review Commission
The Architectural Review Commission plays a vital role in the preservation and enhancement of the beauty and visual character of the City by ensuring that projects are consistent with required ordinances and standards, as well as the Community Design Guidelines, to maintain a high level of architectural excellence in the City.

Active Transportation Committee
The purpose of the Active Transportation Committee has been to provide oversight and policy direction on matters related to bicycle transportation and pedestrian transportation in the City and its relationship to bicycling and walking outside the City.

Citizens' Revenue Enhancement Oversight Commission
The REOC was established as part of the passage of a ballot measure approving a general use tax to protect and maintain essential services and facilities. The commission’s purpose is to provide transparency and maximize city accountability, by reviewing and making budget recommendations directly to the City Council regarding expenditures from essential services funds.

Construction Board of Appeals
The Construction Board of Appeals hears and decides on appeals of orders, decisions, and determinations made by the City building official relative to the applications and interpretations of various codes.  In addition, the board may meet as the Appeals Board for Disabled Access for the purpose of considering appeals to the standards contained in the California Standards Code regarding accommodations for persons with physical disabilities.

Cultural Heritage Committee
The Cultural Heritage Committee oversees a broad range of educational and technical assistance programs aimed at preserving historical and cultural resources. It also maintains the master list of historic buildings, advises people interested in restoring historic structures, and reviews planned demolitions of historic structures.

Housing Authority
The Housing Authority was founded in 1968 with a mission to assist the county’s lower income citizens secure and maintain long term housing, and it advises the Council on the housing issues and needs of low and moderate–income households within the City.

Human Relations Commission
The Human Relations Commission advises the Council in creating an environment within the City in which all persons can enjoy equal rights and opportunities regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin, age, physical, mental, sexual orientation, or economic status.

Jack House Committee
The Jack House Committee was established in 1975 and advises City Council on facility use, fees, capital improvements, and any other item affecting the house and grounds.

Mass Transportation Committee
The purpose of the Mass Transportation Committee is to assist with the ongoing public transit program in the City and Cal Poly, providing Council with recommendations regarding routes, schedules, fares, marketing, and, capital projects.

Parks and Recreation Commission
The Parks and Recreation Commission advises the City Council on the development and operation of recreation programs and parks within the City, as well as on the implementation of the Parks and Recreation Element of the City's General Plan. In addition, they provide recommendations concerning joint use facilities with the San Luis Obispo Coastal Unified School District.

Personnel Board
The purpose of the Personnel Board is to hear employee appeals of disciplinary action, review employee grievances, and to hear issues of Council censure.

Planning Commission
The Planning Commission makes determinations and provides the City Council with recommendations concerning the City’s development regarding land use policies and specific development applications.

Police Chief Round Table
The Police Chief’s Roundtable serves as a community-based group of volunteers for purposes of regular direct interaction and effective communication between the San Luis Obispo community at large and the SLOPD with regard to the consideration of public safety challenges and solutions intended to enhance quality of life.

Promotional Coordinating Committee
The PCC recommends projects to help promote the City as a regional trade, recreation, and tourist center consistent with community goals, working collaboratively with the City’s Tourism Business Improvement Board.

Tourism Business Improvement District
The TBID advises the Council in the administration and use of the TBID assessment funds and recommends projects to promote tourism to the City to benefit directly the City’s lodging industry.

Tree Committee
The Tree Committee makes recommendations to the Council and staff on tree policies and regulations.

Other Citizen Representatives include:
Area Agency on Aging, Citizens’ Transportation Advisory Committee, Investment Oversight Committee, Zone 9 Advisory Body Committee

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