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Railroad Safety: What to Know Before You Cross

Post Date:03/05/2019 4:19 PM

The City wants to remind everyone to be safe near the railroad that runs through San Luis Obispo. There are two at-grade rail crossings at Foothill/California and Orcutt near Laurel Lane. Please pay extra attention while walking, cycling, and driving near the tracks, because you cannot hear a train coming up from behind you until it is almost too late. It is also illegal to walk along the tracks in all areas outside of permitted crossings.

Important safety tips:

  • Always expect a train and look both ways before crossing.
  • Only cross the tracks at designated railroad crossings, located where the street intersects with the tracks.
  • Never walk between the rails or areas that are not designated railroad crossings.
  • Avoid distractions including loud music, texting or talking on cell phones when crossing the railroad tracks.
  • Stay away from trains and other railroad property, including trestles, yards and equipment.

The City has partnered with Union Pacific Railroad to teach children about railroad safety. A book titled “Clifford and the Railroad Crossing” gives easy tips for kids. Watch Mayor Heidi Harmon read an excerpt of the book to local children here:



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