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City's 2017 Traffic Safety Report Released

Post Date:01/09/2019 12:00 PM

The City of San Luis Obispo Public Works and Police Departments presented the 17th annual Traffic Safety and Operation Report (TSR) at a City Council Meeting held Tuesday, January 8. Total traffic collisions in 2017 increased by four percent (up 21 collisions) from the previous year. That represents, however, the second lowest number of collisions since the program began. Since the program’s implementation in 2002, it has demonstrated lasting success with an overall 60 percent reduction in citywide collisions. 

Total injury collisions increased by only three percent (up five collisions) in 2017. Since the program’s inception, the number of total annual injuries from traffic collisions has decreased by 35 percent. 

While reducing the overall collision rate continues to be a priority, over time the safety program has continued to increase focus on the most serious collisions—those that result in injuries or death. In 2016 the City embraced the “Vision Zero multi-national traffic safety initiative.” The initiative’s philosophy holds that the loss of life is not an acceptable price to pay for mobility. It seeks to eliminate traffic fatalities by shifting the focus of causation from motorists to roadway design. The TSR identifies high-collision locations, looking for patterns and trends. 

Thirteen locations in San Luis Obispo were identified for improvements, adding to the eight high ranking locations already receiving capital investments. Of the 13 locations, six have allocated funding, while the remaining seven (a total of $2,756,000) remain categorized as unfunded safety projects. Staff will continue pursuing grant funding opportunities to make those improvements possible.  

As with previous Traffic Safety Reports, City staff reviewed all high-collision rate intersections and street segments and has recommended mitigation measures to increase safety at the top five locations in each category. Previous mitigation efforts have included adding roundabouts, installing bike lanes, adapting traffic lights to allow pedestrians more time to cross roads and a number of education campaigns. 

To view the full 2017 Traffic Safety Report, please click here


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