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City Joins Monterey Bay Community Power's Community Choice Energy Program

Post Date:12/05/2018 3:00 PM

On Wednesday, December 5, the Cities of San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay joined the Monterey Bay Community Power’s community choice energy (CCE) program following a unanimous vote by the MBCP board. The CCE program will become the cities’ primary provider of electricity, leading to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, investments in renewable energy projects and energy programs, and lower electricity rates for consumers. 

The decision to join Monterey Bay Community Power comes after nine months of intensive effort to develop a new local program in conjunction with the City of Morro Bay. As recently as September 2018, a local program was viable. However, a recent California Public Utilities Commission ruling changed a fee on CCE customers that would make a small, new program too costly. 

“The City was deeply disappointed that the CPUC’s ruling unfairly shifted costs to CCE customers, effectively making a new local program infeasible,” said San Luis Obispo Sustainability Manager Chris Read. “However, we had already considered joining Monterey Bay Community Power and are very excited for the opportunity. MBCP is well managed, financially secure, and provides the clean electricity, rate savings, and programs we are looking for our communities.” 

The San Luis Obispo City Council agreed to pursue a CCE program in December 2017, in a process stemming from studies that began in 2015. The Council started reviewing CCEs in 2013 and last year adopted climate action as a major city goal, with direction to assess the requirements becoming a net-zero carbon city. This September, Council directed staff to update the Climate Action Plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035. 

“The carbon free electricity provided by Monterey Bay Community Power allows us to achieve our 2020 greenhouse gas reduction targets and will be the foundation for our path to carbon neutrality,” Read added. 

Monterey Bay Community Power electricity service locally will begin in January of 2020. More information about Monterey Bay Community Power can be found at

CONTACT: Chris Read, Sustainability Manager,

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