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New Payment Options in City Parking Structures

Post Date:10/26/2018 8:30 AM

Downtown parking structures are being upgraded for efficiency and modernization at each structure. Upgrades include new gates, entry/exit columns, new software and two new pay-on-foot (POF) machines at each structure. The new system will shorten the time to enter/exit each structure, provide additional payment options, and will allow the City to dynamically link the parking availability by location to the City website, and eventually to a mobile platform. 

Exit gates and payment systems will now be in operation 24/7. Previously, the gates were raised when the attendant left for the evening. With the addition of the two POF machines (located where most of the pedestrian traffic enters each structure), users can pay for parking by cash or credit card before returning to their car, then simply insert the validated ticket at the exit column to open the gate. 

Parking booths will continue to be staffed by attendants who will accept cash or credit, but hours will vary by structure. Visitors are encouraged to use the POF machines to avoid potentially having to re-park their vehicle and pay at a POF machine if there is not a booth attendant present, or if they do not have a credit card to pay at the exit. 

The payment option changes take effect at the Marsh Street structure beginning next week, followed by the structures in Palm Street soon after. There will be no change to parking rates at this time. 

Community members are encouraged to utilize the structures, as the first hour to park is free, the rate is lower than the meters in the Downtown core area, there is no risk of citation for exceeding a posted limit, and there is no need to estimate how each stay will be. This technology represents current best practices in parking management and enables the city to provide a higher level of service to parking customers.

CONTACT: Scott Lee, Parking Manager, (805) 781-7234

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