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City Council Approves Anholm Bikeway Plan

Post Date:09/06/2018 5:00 PM

The City Council approved the Anholm Bikeway Plan which will enhance bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure to connect Downtown, the Anholm Neighborhood, and the schools and neighborhoods north of Foothill. The project’s objective is to create safe routes to schools, attract new bicycle ridership and make strides toward the City’s goal of 20-percent of transportation-by-bike throughout the City by year 2030.

Chorro Cycle Track RenderingThe project will feature a bicycle and pedestrian signal at Foothill and Ferrini, a pedestrian and bicycle path between Foothill and Ramona, and a combination of protected bike lanes (as shown in the rendering to the right) and shared bike/automobile lanes in place of on-street parking along the west side of Chorro and Broad Streets from Ramona to Lincoln. In addition, it will include lighting and pedestrian improvements along the Highway 101 undercrossing, and buffered bike lanes into the downtown. The plan will also upgrade and connect existing sidewalks. Similar projects in other cities have increased bicycle ridership and pedestrian use.

The Foothill bicycle and pedestrian signal, pedestrian and bicycle pathway between Foothill and Ramona, and protected bike lanes on Ramona are fully funded at approximately $1 million with a combination of City General Funds, SB 1 Funds (Road Repair & Accountability Act of 2017), Safe Routes to School Grant funds, and Urban State Highway Account Grant funds. This first phase of the plan is estimated to begin construction in early 2019.

The entire plan totals an estimated $3.2 million and funding for implementation of the remaining improvements will be requested incrementally in future financial plans. The project will be completed in phases and be evaluated through the process to ensure outcomes are met or determine if changes are necessary.

The community and City Council identified multi-modal transportation as a Major City Goal for 2017-19. Projects that include improvements to bike lanes and street crossings are being completed across the City including on Laurel Lane and the Railroad Safety Trail.

CONTACT: Adam Fukushima, Active Transportation Manager; (805) 781-7590

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