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Daylight Savings Time Ends Sunday Nov. 5th

Post Date:11/03/2017 1:38 PM

Early Sunday morning we will turn our clocks back one hour for the end of Daylight Saving Time. Most of us think: “Fantastic! I get another hour of sleep”; and yes you will.

However, with the end of daylight savings time comes an increase of darkness around the time of rush hour, when traffic is at a peak and many are making our way home from work. Drivers aren’t used to the decreased visibility – nor are bicyclists and pedestrians. Statistics show that there are more collisions after dusk. Additionally, the National Road Safety Foundation (NRSF) has done studies proving that auto accidents increase after the clocks fall back an hour.

The Auto Club recommends that motorists adjust their driving habits and also watch for children and others outdoors who will be less visible, especially during the first weeks of the change. Children, pedestrians, joggers, walkers and bicyclists likely will continue to be outside but will be a lot less visible during the evening commute. The Auto Club recommends that motorists slow down and be extra alert, particularly in residential neighborhoods and school zones.  Motorists should provide bicyclists with a three-foot buffer for safety and slow to a safe and reasonable speed.

Pedestrian Safety:

  • See and be seen –drivers need to see you to avoid you
  • Make eye contact with drivers when crossing streets
  • Do not jaywalk or cross the street between parked cars.
  • Wear bright colors or reflective clothing at night
  • Carry a flashlight when walking or walking pets in the dark
  • Walk on the sidewalk.  If there are no sidewalks, walk facing traffic.
  • While walking, put your cell phone in the pocket and avoid listening to your music player at a volume that prohibits you from hearing approaching danger.

Drivers Safety:

  • Take time to replace deteriorated headlight lenses
  • Reduce window glare by washing dirt and grime from your windshield
  • Avoid “multi-tasking” when driving - just drive
  • Pay greater attention and be self-aware of distracted driving
  • During rain, drivers are reminded to slow down.
  • Drivers should also watch for children and families in neighborhoods and along school bus routes, at intersections, and when backing out of driveways.
  • Teen drivers should exercise extra caution.
  • Do not use high beams when other cars or near pedestrians.

Bicyclist Safety:

  • Always ride in the direction of roadway travel, never against traffic
  • CA law requires a front headlamp and reflectors: front, rear, wheels, and pedals
  • Add a rear light to your bike as well as using bright or reflectorized clothing and accessories - See and be seen – drivers need to see you to avoid you
  • Charge up or put fresh batteries in your bike lights
  • Position yourself in the roadway to be SEEN, and ride in a predictable manner
  • Obey all traffic signals and signs
  • Wear a helmet and gloves to protect yourself in case of a fall




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