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Click here to download a pdf of the irrigation schedule.



  Program A
Lawns & Grasses
  Program B
Established Trees & Shrubs
  Program C
Annuals & New Plants
Fixed Spray
  Fixed Spray
(Convert to drip)
(For 2 gal/hr emitters)
  Fixed Spray
(Convert to drip)
(For 2 gal/hr emitters)
Jan - Feb   Turn system off   Turn system off   Turn system off  
March   10 min/wk (or .25") Check the manufacturer specifications
Consult the Utilities Conservation Office at
(805) 781-7217 or
  10 min/wk 15 min/wk   15 min/wk 23 min/wk  
Apr   30 min/wk (or .75")   15 min/wk 23 min/wk   20 min/wk 30 min/wk  
May   45 min/wk (or 1.1")   30 min/wk 45 min/wk   30 min/wk 45 min/wk  
June 1 - Aug 31   60 min/wk (or 1.5")   40 min/wk 60 min/wk   40 min/wk 60 min/wk  
Sept   45 min/wk (or 1.1")   30 min/wk 45 min/wk   30 min/wk 45 min/wk  
Oct   30 min/wk (or .75")   25 min/wk 38 min/wk   25 min/wk 38 min/wk  
Nov - Dec   Turn system off   Turn system off   10 min/wk 15 min/wk  

Explanation of Schedule

This schedule is based on local (City of San Luis Obispo) conditions. Unusually moist or dry conditions may require that irrigation differ from this schedule. Two to three inches of surface mulch is recommended in drip irrigated areas. If you use surface mulch, your schedule may be cut in half. Surface mulch is not recommended in sprinkler irrigated areas as the mulch will intercept sprinkler irrigation; keeping it from the soil.

System should be turned off during the rainy/cool season. Most automatic sprinklers have an “off” or “rain/off” switch, which will de-activate the controller without loosing its programming.

These months (including September) are transitional months that normally have cooler evenings. Irrigation should be reduced from summer irrigation schedules.

The irrigation schedule durations are for the total minutes to irrigate per week, based on the average irrigation system – During warmer weather, this weekly total may be divided up into three or four watering days. The more accurate alternative is the inches of application per week – You can accurately adjust your schedule by measuring the inches of water applied per minute and then running the system only long enough to achieve the desired weekly application.

Fixed spray sprinklers are sprinklers that do not rotate. Rotating sprinklers may have a wide difference in
application rates due to design. Please check with manufacturer specifications to determine the application rate.

For more information, phone 781-7217 or 781-7213.



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