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With the exception of native plants, most landscapes need some water to stay healthy.  Most home landscapes are a combination of turf, trees, shrubs and flowers.  The most efficient and cost effective method of watering a home landscape is by using an automated system.

An automated irrigation system is comprised of a combination of valves (to turn the water off / on), pipes, sprinkler heads, flexible tubing, drip emitters and a controller that, well, controls everything.  Each valve operates an area of sprinklers or drippers.  The plants in an area controlled by one valve should all have the same water needs.

Irrigation nozzle. Irrigation nozzle spraying water. Drip emitters.

The do-it-yourself homeowner can learn about equipment, system design, installation and troubleshooting online and at many local home & garden and hardware stores.  Many excellent landscape professionals live and work in our area and can assist with your irrigation needs.



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