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Stormwater Homepage - To return to the Stormwater Management Program Homepage, Click Here!

Erosion & Sediment Control Requirements - All construction projects require the installation, maintenance, routine inspection (i.e. weekly, before predicted rain events, after rain events and during prolonged rain events) and the repair or replacement as needed of various Best Management Practices (BMPs & Control Measures) throughout the course of the construction project in order to protect local water quality. Most BMPs (i.e. concrete / tool washouts and street sweeping) are required year long and others are specifically required during the rainy season (i.e. October 15th through April 15th) or prior to a predicted rain event, even if that rain event is predicted during the summer months. Enforcement of stormwater regulations occurs all year long. For additional information concerning the State of California's Construction General Permit (CGP) please log on to the State of California's Water Resources Control Board website at: or refer to the City of San Luis Obispo's Stormwater Public Outreach webpage at: to access additional information concerning Erosion and Sediment Control.

Central Coast Joint Effort for LID and Hydromodification Control Plan! This proposed plan will affect projects of all sizes and types. The Joint Effort is a collaborative, region-wide approach municipalities in the Central Coast are using to implement Low Impact Development and Hydromodification Control. The Storm Water Management Programs (SWMPs) for each municipality participating in the Joint Effort contain specific Best Management Practices (BMPs) pertaining to the Joint Effort. These BMPs fall into two categories: development of hydromodification control criteria, and implementation of hydromodification controls and LID. To learn more and how this Plan will may affect your project click here!

Updates - To receive updates concerning proposed or pending changes to various aspects of  City's Storm Water Program send your email address to, or if you are interested in being notified regarding City activities related to adoption of Stormwater Regulations.   In addition, please indicate which area of storm water regulations are of interest to you; such as construction, residential, food service industry, automotive and etcetera.  Thank you!

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