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                        - PSCS (Private Stormwater Conveyance Systems)!

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Private Storm water Conveyance Systems (“SCS”) have become very common within the community of San Luis Obispo. These systems often include: detention ponds, infiltration facilities, catch basins, storm water pass-through, storm drains/pipes and even just traditional culverts to name a few. If you are a property owner and you have a private SCS that is connected to the City’s SCS (i.e. streets, gutters, storm drains, drain inlets, creeks, catch basins, creek tributaries and etcetera.) then there are certain obligations that go along with that system. The obligations are necessary to protect property downstream, upstream and public health. 


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Best Management Practices (“BMP’s) are techniques, measures or structural controls that are used for a given set of conditions to improve and/or maintain the quality of storm water runoff in a cost effective manner. All Private SCS require certain minimum BMP’s that must be employed in order to protect local water quality. BMPs specific to each individual Private SCS must also be employed.  Failure to implement appropriate BMP’s can result in the issuance of a Notice of Violation, an Administrative Citation and/or additional actions by other agencies. For specific BMP’s please refer to your Private SCS Agreement and the City of San Luis Obispo’s BMP Guide for Private SCS located below.


  • Routine Inspections: Property owners are required to routinely inspect all aspects of any and all private SCS located on their property. Inspections should occur on a routine basis; such as monthly during the dry season (April 16th – October 14th) and weekly during the wet season (October 15th – April 15th) annually. Routine inspections should also occur just before the wet season and immediately following the first rain event. Specific schedules will depend entirely upon the system installed, the size of the system and the proximity of the system to a natural waterway.

  • Routine Maintenance: Routine maintenance schedules should be developed long before the project is complete. All private SCS require maintenance; such as hydro-flushing of drain pipes, removal and replanting of dead vegetation. Maintenance requirements are completely dependant upon the type of system installed, the size of the system and the proximity of the system to a natural waterway.


  • Routine Cleanings: Routine cleanings are critical to the success of the system and include often weekly removal of trash, debris and what are often termed “floatables.” Cleanings should also include the removal of invasive or noxious weeds, removal of excess sediment to ensure the natural flow and drainage of the system. Routine cleaning requirements are completely dependant upon the type of system installed; the size of the system and the proximity of the system to a natural waterway.

  • Conduct Repairs as Necessary: During routine inspections, maintenance and cleanings, if damage to system components are discovered then it is the property owner’s responsibility to take corrective measures (i.e. necessary repairs) within 30 days or prior to the next predicted rain event which ever is sooner.

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  • Private Stormwater Conveyance Systems ("PSCS") - Standard Agreement - Click here to preview a standard agreement.

  • Public Notices - What’s new that is coming down the pipeline and how it may impact or affect your daily life and/or business!


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