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San Luis Obispo Storm Water Management Program

919 Palm Street

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

(805) 783-7876



City of San Luis ObispoPublic Works Department



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Did you know?
  • Never Service Your Car in the Street: Not only is it a violation of local municipal code to service a car in the street, but one pint of oil can create an oil slick 1 acre in size.
  • Storm water runoff often picks up the contaminants and pollutants on the ground carrying them to our local creek system. Ninety percent of rain events in the United States never exceed 1/2 inch of rain per hour.
  • Why Stormwater Runoff is a Concern: According to the EPA, 40 percent of the United Statesí rivers, lakes, and estuaries are pollution-impaired and almost half of this problem is due to stormwater runoff.  San Luis Obispo Creek is listed as an impaired waterway due to such things as fecal coliform.  So please remember to pick up after your pet! 
  • How You Can Help: The three largest sources of stormwater pollution are: herbicides and pesticides, urban runoff, and sediment from construction sites.  So please use more environmentally methods to care for your lawn.
  • When water contains soil and silt, the temperature of the water increases and changes occur in the aquatic habitat and food supply.
  • Even Innocuous Things Pollute Our Creeks: Untreated stormwater may contain decaying leaves and other organic materials that increase bacteria and mosquito production and decrease oxygen essential for fish life.  Thus, it is important to clean up the leaves and other debris in the gutter and deposit them into the trash can or green waste container.
  • Where our Storm Drains Go: The EPA estimates that approximately 70 percent of all storm drains lead directly to rivers, lakes, and estuaries and contains stormwater that is never treated.  All storm drains within the City of San Luis Obispo lead directly to our creeks and local lake.
  • Stormwater pollution is the largest cause of water pollution in the United States.
  • Why Low Impact Development is Important: According to one site study conducted by the EPA, the total volume of runoff resulting from a 1-inch rain storm was 16 times greater for a 1-acre paved parking lot than that generated from a 1-acre meadow.

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Owners and operators of motorhomes or RV's often find themselves in locations where they don't know where to go for facility hookups.  The attached informational sheet provides a list of local facilities where recreational vehicle owners may legally dump a holding tank - Click Here!.

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This area is currently under construction.


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