TBID Advisory Board - Regular Meeting

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

10:00 A.M.

City Hall, Council Hearing Room


CALL TO ORDER: Vice Chair Dean Hutton  


PUBLIC COMMENT: Each speaker is limited to two minutes of public comment for items not on the agenda. Public comment for each agenda item will be called for separately and is also limited to 2 minutes per speaker.


State law does not allow the board to discuss or take action on issues not on the agenda, except that members of the board may briefly respond to statements made or questions posed by the person giving public comment. Staff may be directed by the board to follow-up on such items and/or place them on the next board agenda.






C.1 Minutes of Wednesday September 11, 2013


C.2 Smith Travel Report

C.3 Visit San Luis Obispo County Report

C.4 Rosetta Marketing Report

C.5 Visitor Center Report

C.6 TOT Report





Public comment will be taken for each individual agenda item. Each speaker will be limited to two minutes of public testimony.


1.    SHORT TERM  RENTAL DISCUSSION                                                                 30 mins

The Board will receive a presentation from the Community Development Director, Derek Johnson, for the purpose of the discussion on the San Luis Obispo vacation rental/ homestay issue. 


2.    STRATEGIC PLANNING REVIEW                                                                         20  mins

The taskforce members will present the final draft of the 5-year TBID Strategic Clarity plan for the Board’s consideration of adoption.


3.    HOTEL LIAISON ASSIGNMENTS                                                                          10 mins

The board will assign hotel liaisons to all seven members of the board. 






1.    SAN LUIS OBISPO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE                                                            25 mins

A representative from the Chamber of Commerce will present the quarterly contractor report for July-September activities. 





At this time board members make announcements, report on activities, refer to staff issues for study and report back to the board at a subsequent meeting.


1. HOTELIER UPDATE – LIAISON REPORT                                                                   


2. PCC UPDATE – PCC Minutes, September 11, 2013   






POSTING STATEMENT: I, Molly Cano, Tourism Manager, do hereby certify that on October 4, 2013, by 5:00 p.m., a true and correct copy of this agenda was posted on the bulletin board outside City Hall.  Internet access to agendas and related material is available at