Promotional Coordinating Committee

City of San Luis Obispo

Wednesday, February 12, 2014



5:30 p.m.                   Regular Meeting                     Council Hearing Room


The goals of the City of San Luis Obispo Promotional Coordinating Committee are to (1) improve the quality of life available to all residents of and visitors to San Luis Obispo and (2) promote, in a manner consistent with long-range community goals, the development of San Luis Obispo as a regional and tourist center.


CALL TO ORDER: Chair Jill LeMieux


PUBLIC COMMENT: Each speaker is limited to three minutes of public comment.

At this time, you may address the Committee on items that are not on the agenda but are of interest to the public and within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Promotional Coordinating Committee. The Committee may not discuss or take action on issues that are not on the agenda other than to briefly respond to statements made or questions raised, or ask staff to follow up on such issues. 






C.1 Minutes of the Meeting on January 8, 2014


C.2 Community Promotions Budget Report

C.3 Public Relations Report

C.4 Grants-in-Aid Support Report


C.5 Visitors Center Report

C.6 SLO Happenings – Campaign Report

C.7 TOT Report






1.    2014 SLO HAPPENINGS PROGRAM APP                                                               30 mins

Verdin will present the promotional collateral for the 2014 SLO Happenings program for the committee’s review and approval.


2.    2014-15 PROGRAM CONSIDERATION & PROGRAM BUDGET                           30 mins

The committee will review the current goals and function of the PCC for consideration and the outlined budget for 2014-15. The committee will provide direction to the overall program as well input to the contractors for the upcoming contract proposals.   


3.    2014-15 GIA FUNDING ALLOCATION                                                                       10 mins

The committee will allocate the funding amount for 2014-15 GIA program for the direction of the GIA Task Force.





At this time Committee members make announcements, report on activities, refer to staff issues for study and report back to the Committee at a subsequent meeting.




2. TBID BOARD REPORT – TBID Minutes from January 8, 2014 Regular Meeting & January 16, 2014 Special Meeting



Style Guide update, Visit SLO County Sustainable Funding Taskforce, Tradeshow Updates, and Visit California Outlook Forum update.    




POSTING STATEMENT: I, Molly Cano, Tourism Manager, do hereby certify that on February 7, 2014, by 5:00 p.m., a true and correct copy of this agenda was posted on the bulletin board outside City Hall.  Internet access to agendas and related material is available at