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Tree Maintenance Program

Program Description
The tree maintenance program plants, maintains, and preserves trees along City streets and on City property. The program goal is to provide an attractive, healthy, and safe urban forest which beautifies the City, purifies the air, and provides shade and wind protection.

This program has three major activities:

  • Tree Maintenance
    Pruning street trees and other trees on City property; control pests and diseases; correcting street and sidewalk obstructions caused by shrubs and trees; repairing street tree wells and well covers; servicing and repairing tree maintenance equipment.

  • Urban Forest Improvement
    Enforcing the tree ordinance and associated standards and policies; reviewing landscape improvement plans and inspecting installations; maintaining the tree inventory and maintenance software; planting new trees in City parks and open space; replacing damaged or diseased trees; conducting and monitoring tree removal operations; conducting monthly Tree Committee meetings; promoting awareness and expansion of the urban forest.
  • Heritage Trees
    This program exists for citizens and groups to participate in to call attention to the wide variety of trees growing in the temperate climate of our area. Because of San Luis Obispo's heritage where trees played an important part in the day-to-day lives of our forefathers, the Heritage Tree Program exists to document their significant contributions, illustrate their historical value, and call attention to significant arboricultural interest. See link to packet below or contact the City Arborist at (805) 781-7220, for more information on the status of, or to apply for, a heritage tree. 

    Heritage Tree Info and Form


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