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Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering



Program Description:

The transportation planning and engineering program analyzes the City’s traffic circulation systems and proposes changes to these systems. The program goals are 1) safe and well-maintained streets 2) reduced air pollution and traffic congestion 3) less use of single-occupant vehicles and 4) more walking, bike riding, bus riding, and carpooling. This program has two major activities:

  • Transportation Planning
    Preparing and maintaining the General Plan Circulation Element as required by state law; preparing and maintaining Short Range Transit Plans, the Parking Management Plan, the Bicycle Transportation Plan, and the Pedestrian Transportation Plan; planning and recommending capital improvement plan projects and operating program changes needed to implement transportation plans; promoting alternative transportation; promoting technological advancements in fuel-efficiency, emissions control, and communication which reduce the need for travel.
  • Traffic Engineering
    Recommending and designing improvements to traffic signal and pavement marking systems; designing new street alignments; conducting traffic counts, reviewing accident reports, and responding to citizen complaints; analyzing the performance of all transportation modes within the traffic circulation system; reviewing building and development project plans to ensure accommodation of the additional traffic generated.

This program also provides staff support for the Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC.)

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