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TO:                 Contractors and Developers

FROM:           City Engineer

SUBJECT:      Erosion and Sediment Control Enforcement

This letter is a reminder of your need to install all "erosion and sediment control measures" on all construction sites that have exposed soil.  October 15th is fast approaching and we will be actively enforcing implementation of erosion and sediment controls.  All additional water pollution control measures; such as, stabilized entrances, concrete washouts and dust control measures have to be in place all year long.

If your site has exposed soil, you are required to implement an erosion and sediment control plan in conformance with the Regional Water Quality Control Board’s erosion and sediment control requirements. The plan is to be kept current to reflect any grading changes.  The plan needs to focus on keeping soils in their place rather than attempting to capture them after they have been dislodged and eroded from their point of origin.  The plan is required to be kept on site and available for inspectors review.  Implementation of the controls shown on the plan will be strictly enforced to ensure that only clean water leaves the site.

Failure to develop a plan and/or failure to implement the plan in accordance with the Regional Water Quality Control Board’s erosion and sediment control requirements prior to October 15, 2008, will result in the issuance of a “Notice to Comply.”  For sites with exposed soil, a Project Stop Work Notice may be issued at this time unless you are actively installing the erosion and siltation control measures.  After October 15th, a Project Stop Work Notice will be issued for all work except the installation of erosion control measures, and the Regional Water Quality Control Board will be notified.

Please contact Public Works, Stormwater Division with questions related to erosion control plan checks and approvals, and your Engineering or Building Inspector regarding any field related questions.

Your cooperation regarding this matter will be greatly appreciated.


Barbara Lynch

City Engineer

(805) 781-7191

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