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San Luis Creek at Mission Plaza


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Acknowledgements for Community Services provided to The City of San Luis Obispo (GIS division)
Laguna Lake Commemorative Grove
Group Members:
(FNR418 Project)
Melissa Valente
Jon Fitch
Matt Kelly
Project Objective:
  • Locate Every Commemorative Trees in Laguna Lake Park with GPS
  • Take a photo of tree and plaque for each tree
  • Create GIS Data for Commemorative Trees
  • Create Hard copy map and set up data for Interactive Map. (Interactive map created by Mary Andrews-GIS Specialist II, City of San Luis Obispo)
Project Dates: January - March,  2005



City of San Luis Obispo Urban/Park Trees
Kelly Strecker Senior Project
(July-August, 2003)
Katie Brong Senior Project
(July-August, 2004)
Alyson Aquino
Kyle Jacobson
Mark Longshore
FNR418 Project
(January-March, 2005)
Brian Grist GIS Intern
(April-June, 2005)
Steve Watson GIS Intern
(April-July 2005)


Project Objective:
  • Inventory all urban trees maintained by the City of San Luis Obispo


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