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Student Survival Guide

Personal Safety

Be conscious of your surroundings and your security at all times. San Luis Obispo is like any City, in terms of the types of crimes and criminals that may visit at any time. You do not have to become a victim.

Avoid isolated areas, day or night, when walking or jogging alone.

Maintain awareness and avoid vulnerability due to intoxication.

If you come home and find a door ajar, lights out that you left on, or other suspicious circumstances, stay outside and phone the police.

Check the inside of your car before getting in.

Obtain an unlisted telephone number, or use first initial and last name only.

Personal Property

Lock your car and keep purses, bags, stereos, CDs & players (especially the pull-out & removable face-plate CD players) OUT OF SIGHT.

Lock your residence doors and windows, even when you’re home. Leave a light or radio on a timer.

Protect access to your checkbook, checks, and credit cards. Many crimes occur involving checks and credit cards. Shred old statements, bills, unsolicited credit cards, etc. that contain name, address, account numbers and other personal information.

Record the serial numbers for computers, cameras, stereos, bicycles etc. This info can result in recovery if you suffer a theft. If no serial number is visible you can engrave your property with your driver’s license number. (Engraving tools are available on a loan basis from the San Luis Obispo Police Department.)

Do not leave your bicycle outside during the school holidays or breaks. These are times when thefts are likely to take place.

Your Choices for Jeopardy

Do not drive a motor vehicle or ride a bicycle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Besides being deadly, it's very expensive.

Do not possess or display false or altered i.d. It can mean a trip to County Jail.

Do not party too ‘hardy’—the 1992 Nuisance Abatement Ordinance can result in your eviction if the Police respond to your home more than twice in a 60-day period. You may also lose any deposits you have on the home, as well as be subject to noise citation and other penalties. Violation of Municipal Code 9.12.020 prohibiting any noise which is plainly audible at 50 feet from its source between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m., is one of the most numerous citations to students. Each citation costs about $150.

Do not sell alcohol at your party. The fine is up to $500 and/or up to six months in jail. See Section 23399.1 of the Alcohol Beverage Control Act. Charging money in any way (donations for the band, etc.) at a party where alcohol is served is a violation.

Do not write bad checks. 20% of the people in SLO arrested for this crime are students. They don’t finish the quarter because they’re in jail.

Do not ride a bicycle or skateboard on the SIDEWALK in the downtown area. This is a Municipal Code infraction carrying a fine of $25 or more. The ‘downtown area’ perimeter is: Santa Rosa, Marsh, Nipomo, and Monterey.

Do not jaywalk. Citations are $25 or more and are issued daily.

Cars & Bicycles

Obey all traffic signals and roadway rules.

Don’t park your car on your front lawn—it’s a parking ticket.

Use your bicycle to commute, if at all possible. There is a parking shortage and you may find it easier to ride your bike and park it in the bike racks. Keep it locked when not in use.

Ride your bike in the same direction as traffic—on the right side of the road—even if bicycle lanes are available on the other side of the street.

Report all accidents immediately if injuries result from the accident.

For more information or if you have any questions, contact the Crime Prevention Coordinator at the San Luis Obispo Police Department, 805.781.7317.

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