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Q: What time does the Police Records Department open?

A: Records is open on Monday from 12:00 a.m.-4:45 p.m., Tuesday-Friday between 10:00 a.m. and 4:45 p.m.

Q: I need to be booked and released. What are your hours for this?

A: We have court-ordered booking hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. It is a good idea to call ahead at 
805.781.7311 to ensure officer availability.

Q: How can I file a police report?

A: To report an emergency, dial 911. Non-emergency calls should be reported by calling 805.781.7317. Or you can make a report using our lobby phone near the front entrance.

Q: Should I call police if I see something suspicious or unusual in my neighborhood?

A: YES! Police need your help in recognizing when something’s wrong. Your input is vital and we need your help. Most criminals are caught when witnesses see something suspicious and call police. For contact phone numbers, click here.

Q: What can I do about traffic safety problems in my neighborhood?

A: Contact the police department traffic division for recommendations.

Q: At what hour can I complain about a loud party or noise?

A: Noise violations can occur at any hour and may include noise sources such as loud parties, leaf blowers, construction etc. Commercial areas generally have less restrictive noise regulations.

Q: Where do I report a noise violation?

A: Call the department non-emergency line at 805.781.7317. To learn more about our noise abatement program, click here.

Q: What can I do about a neighboring house where I believe occupancy numbers are more than is safe or legal?

A: Contact the Code Enforcement Coordinator at 805.781.7179.

Q: How do I report a vehicle that has been abandoned?

A: Write down a description of the vehicle, the license plate number and the address where it is parked. Call our business line at 805.781.7317 with the information. Our field service technicians will begin the process of tagging and removing the vehicle.

Q: How can I purchase a copy of my police report?

A: You will need: photo ID, case number, and report release fee. Bring these items to the Records counter during our regular hours of operation. All reports will be released at the discretion of Records personnel.

Q: How much will my report cost me?

A: The cost of a report depends on the type of report and also the number of pages it includes. Please ask one of our Records Clerks to assist you in determining the final charge.

Q: How can I purchase a copy of my police report if I live out of town?

A: Call Records at 805.781.7311 to determine if the report is available, whether you can obtain a copy and how much it will cost. When you have this information, prepare a cover letter requesting the report and enclose the following: a photocopy of your photo identification, a check for the amount given to you by records made payable to the City of San Luis Obispo and a return envelope. The report will be mailed back to you within 15 working days. We do not fax reports.

Q: How can I get a copy of my accident report?

A: If a report was taken, you must be named as a party involved in the accident or an insurer of the named party in order to obtain a copy of your report. Please bring photo identification. A report release fee will be charged.

Q: Where can I get a taxi or massage permit?

A: Informational packets and applications for permits must be obtained from the Records Department.

Click here for more info on Massage Permits

Click here for more info on Taxi Permits


Q: How do I file an informal discovery request?

Informal Discovery

Q: How do I file a complaint?

A: Complete the Citizen Complaint Form and bring it to the lobby of the police department. If the lobby door is locked pick up the red phone to the left of the door and communications will let you into the lobby. Ask to talk to the watch commander who can see the written complaint and answer any questions.

              Citizen Complaint Form

 Q: What are the requirements for a pawn broker or second hand dealer?

Click here for more information DOJ Application Handbook

Here is a list of Livescan locations:

What are the requirements with Sales at Swap Meets/Flea Markets?

Q: What paperwork do I need to complete to sell items at a swap meet/flea market?

A:  The California Department of Justice requires all sellers at swap meets/flea markets to fill out a BCIA 56 form and submit a copy of form BOE 410-D.

You may also be required to have a California Board of Equalization Sellers Permit (no cost).  See for more information.

Q:  Who is required to have a seller’s permit?

 A:  The Board of Equalization states, “ You are required to have a permit if you are selling, even temporarily, new or handcrafted items or used items you purchased for the purpose of reselling to others. You are not required to hold a permit if you are only making “occasional” sales, selling products that are not taxable when sold at retail, or selling on behalf of a section 6015 retailer.”

Q: So what does that mean?


A:  If you clean out the garage once or twice a year or “occasional sellers” do not need a permit.   Vendors who make only exempt sales (fresh produce) do not need a permit.  Vendors who sell products from section 6015 retails (multi level marketing) do not need a permit (examples: Avon, Tupperware, etc).


If you sell merchandise on a regular basis (every weekend, more than 2 times a calendar year, etc.) you will need a Sellers Permit from the State of California.  See for more information on how to obtain a permit.

Q: How do I claim a repossessed vehicle?

A: The registered/legal owner of the vehicle must present identification, pertinent documentation, and pay a repossession fee.

Q: How do I claim a towed or impounded vehicle?

A: Vehicles can only be released to the registered/legal owners. ID and all pertinent paperwork must be presented and a release fee collected at the time of release. Thirty day stored vehicles will not be released prior to 30 days without approval from a traffic officer. Please bring your ID, license plate number or case number with you. Vehicles will only be released to drivers with a valid license.

Q: How can I retrieve my property?

A: Property will only be released to its rightful owner. To retrieve property, you must show photo ID and pay the release fee (does not apply to victims). Release hours are by appointment only. Please call 805.781.7083 for an appointment.

Q: How do I get a ticket signed off?

A: If you have received a “fix it” ticket, it can be signed off at our department by an officer. If you have received a citation issued by the California Highway Patrol, then you should contact a member of that agency for a citation "sign-off". The Police Department Records office will determine if an officer is available. If an officer is available then they will be asked to examine the violation and sign it off. Please have your ticket with you, photo ID, and your repaired vehicle.

Q: Under “Megan’s Law,” can I see if registered sex offenders live in my neighborhood?

A: The public can access the applicable files at the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s facility at 1585 Kansas Avenue (off Highway 1 near Cuesta College). Phone ahead for information at 805.781.4550.

Q: How do I access my own criminal history?

A: To receive a copy of a criminal history record, individuals must submit Live Scan* or manual fingerprints and a $25 fee to the California Department of Justice.

For a complete criminal history, contact:

California Department of Justice

Record Review Unit

PO Box 903417

Sacramento CA 94203-4170

*If you live in California, you must use the Live Scan fingerprint process.

 Q: How do I get a clearance letter?

A: Some of the common reasons for requesting a clearance letter may be to travel abroad or to adopt a child. Prior to submitting your request, determine if the clearance letter requires notarization from a Notary Public or authentication from the Secretary of State, then submit a legible copy of your photo identification, i.e., driver's license or passport; a fee of $25, and the completed clearance letter request form. There is no additional fee for the notary service; however, there is an additional fee for authentication. To download a pdf version of the clearance letter request, click on the link below.

Clearance Letter Request Form

Forward your request to the Records Department of the San Luis Obispo Police Department, 1042 Walnut Street, San Luis Obispo CA 93401

Q: Where is fingerprinting done?

A: The San Luis Obispo Police Department no longer provides fingerprinting to the public. The following is a partial list of agencies in San Luis Obispo that still offer this service:


1. San Luis Obispo County

Office of Education

805.782.7236 - Call for appointment

2. San Luis Obispo County

Sheriff's Office

805.781.4575 - Call for appointment


3. Cal Poly University

   805.756.6663 - Call for appointment

Q: Can you give me directions to the Sheriff’s Office?

A: Take Santa Rosa Street north until it turns into Highway 1. Follow Highway 1 approx 4 miles. Turn left on Kansas Avenue.

Sheriff’s Office
1525 Kansas Avenue
San Luis Obispo, CA 93406-0032

Q: Can you give me directions to the CHP?

A: Highway 101 north, exit at California Blvd. The CHP building is straight ahead as you exit.

California Highway Patrol
P.O. Box 898/675 California Blvd.
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401-2591

Q: Other Numbers?

Department of Motor Vehicles
3190 South Higuera
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Probation Department
1730 Bishop Street
San Luis Obispo, CA  93401


City of San Luis Obispo
Police Department
1042 Walnut Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Phone 805.781.7317
Fax 805.781.7324

Q: What is a trespassing Letter?

A: A trespassing letter is a form letter that can be completed and provided to this department as written permission from the owner to enforce trespassing laws at a specific address.

The form can be downloaded here: Trespassing Form

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