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  1. Define short-term actions that could be implemented to enhance quality of life for all residents particularly associated in the timeframe around the opening of the Cal Poly and Cuesta Campuses at the beginning of the school year.


    • Develop list of suggested short-term actions (i.e. low-hanging fruit) to lessen the negative impacts on quality of life at this time of year.
    • Assess feasibility of making changes
      Implement changes
  2. Define stakeholders’ needs and success

    • Develop clear picture of various stakeholders’ perceptions of situation (permanent residents, students, landlords)
    • Understand and identify key events/ inflection points (e.g., start of school year, key holidays, events throughout the year, Graduation)
    • Establish possible goals and measurements
    • Define what success looks like.
    • Develop working group structure and approach to engage neighborhood and student organization

  3. Identify University/City Best Practices

    • Research though International Town Gown Association
    • Reach out to comparable university towns
    • Gather research on key factors known to help nurture excellent
    • Community-University relations and civility.
    • Develop approaches based on best practices that deliver immediate results and phase in future actions over specified time period to achieve stated vision.
    • Understand any barriers to enhancing the student code of conduct to include off-campus behavior.
  4. Review Enforcement Best Practices

    • Compare current ordinances and enforcement to best practice
    • Review student judiciary practices
    • Review city-university jurisdictional rights and responsibilities
    • Review university’s disciplinary rights and practices

  5. Engage Stakeholders: Review Current Educational and Information Efforts

    • Inventory information channels to residents, students, and landlords
    • Examine content and effectiveness of educational efforts by Cal Poly, Cuesta, City, student and resident groups
    • Compare to identified best practices
    • Develop Education-Communications Plan(s), including input on development of messages, advertising, and other outreach from residents as well as student leadership, campus administration, city leadership (staff and elected) and other stakeholders on problem definition and solutions.
  6. Prepare for sustained engagement to achieve desired vision and goal.


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