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Organizational Values for the City of San Luis Obispo

We, as an organization, embrace opportunities to improve our services and the quality and effectiveness of our relationships with the community and our teams. The following values guide and inspire our efforts.

  • Shared vision, mission, and goals—we have a sense of common purpose and direction pursued with passion and translated into concrete actions.
  • Service—we are dedicated to the best use of resources to fulfill identified community goals and needs.
  • Leadership and support—we recognize that the ability to lead can be found at all levels and that to create an environment to succeed requires leading by example.
  • Communication—we foster open and clear discussion that encourages the willingness to speak up and to listen, within a framework of respect and understanding.
  • Team players—we encourage effective working relationships within and between departments and the public to address issues and achieve valuable results.
  • Honesty, respect, and trust—we honor commitments, acknowledge legitimate differences of opinion, and accept decisions reached with integrity.
  • Initiative and accountability—we take personal responsibility to do what needs to be done and report the results in a straightforward manner.
  • Innovation and flexibility—we are open to change and willing to try new ways to fulfill the organization’s vision, mission, and goals more effectively.
  • Employee development and recognition—we encourage and support each employee to improve relevant job skills and celebrate personal and team accomplishments.
  • Stewardship and ethics—we promote public trust by using City resources wisely, and through consistent fulfillment of these values.

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