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Department of Human Resources

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About the Department

The Department of Human Resources manages the City’s human resources activities: employee classification, recruitment, compensation, employee relations, and training.

Program goals are:

  1. highly qualified, well-trained and motivated City employees
  2. legal and unbiased recruitment practices
  3. fair and competitive pay and benefits and
  4. accurate job descriptions

Employee recruitment and selection  Soliciting, interviewing and hiring candidates for vacant City positions.

Employee classification  Identifying the duties, qualifications and compensation appropriate for each City position; ensuring that employee classifications strengthen the City’s organization.

Employee/employer negotiations  Periodically meeting and conferring with employee representatives to reach agreement on employee relations issues.

Workforce Diversity administration  Ensuring that employee appointments and promotions conform with affirmative action, Americans With Disabilities Act, and illegal harassment and anti-discrimination policies and regulations.

Employee training  Developing, scheduling and conducting organization-wide training sessions.

Employee benefit administration Managing employee benefits such as insurance, retirement and leave.

The Department of Human Resources also oversees the risk management program which reduces the risk of accidents and protects City assets from liability for accident losses. It also helps City employees reduce injury and disease risks and maintain good health and fitness.

Program goals are:

  1. no avoidable accidents
  2. minimal City exposure to loss liability
  3. adequate and appropriate coverage for losses and
  4. measurable injury and disease reduction and measurable health and fitness increases for employees who participate in wellness activities.

This program has eight major activities:

Liability claims administration  Reviewing general liability claims against the City and recommending adjustment or other action.

Worker’s compensation claims administration  Reviewing employee injury claims against the City and recommending adjustment or other action.

Safety improvement  Identifying safety risks, recommending hazard abatement, recommending safer operating procedures.

Insurance review  Ensuring that contractors and special event sponsors carry adequate insurance to protect the City; reviewing the City’s self-insurance provisions to ensure adequate resources are available to cover losses.

Semi-annual physical fitness testing and counseling  Testing participants, tabulating various health and fitness measurements, comparing results to current objectives, establishing new objectives.

Health and fitness education  Conducting monthly classes on health and fitness strategies; maintaining a library of health and fitness materials.

Liability   Providing general liability coverage to $10 million with a self-insured retention of $100,000.

Property   Providing coverage for property damage and loss.

Key Contacts

Monica Irons, Director of Human Resources, (805) 781-7252

Greg Zocher, Human Resources Manager, (805)781-7253

Nickole Sutter, Human Resources Analyst, (805) 781-7251

Kathy Hamilton, Human Resources Specialist, (805)781-7254

Kate Auslen, HR Administrative Assistant, (805)781-7250

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