City Goals

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City of San Luis Obispo 2015-17 Goals


These represent the most important, highest priority goals for the City to accomplish over the next two years, and as such, resources to accomplish them are included in the 2015-17 Financial Plan.

Open Space Preservation. Protect and maintain open space.

Housing. Implement the Housing Element, facilitating workforce, affordable, supportive and transitional housing options, including support for needed infrastructure within the City’s fair share.

Multi-Modal Transportation. Prioritize implementation of the Bicycle Master Plan and improve and maintain bicycle, pedestrian, and transit facilities.


Goals in this category are important for the City to accomplish, and resources are made available in the 2015-17 Financial Plan if possible.

Neighborhood Wellness. Improve neighborhood wellness, work with residents, Cuesta, and Cal Poly; increase public safety, code compliance, and collaborative solutions.

Laguna Lake Restoration. Initiate implementation of the Laguna Lake Natural Reserve Conservation Plan.

Downtown. Adopt a Downtown Concept Plan, develop a plan for expansion of Mission Plaza, and improve safety, infrastructure, and maintenance in the Downtown.

Fiscal Sustainability and Responsibility. Implement the City’s Fiscal Responsibility Philosophy with a focus on the reduction of unfunded liabilities.