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Water Quality Reports   Trash & Recycling 
 2016 Annual Water Quality Report    Construction Demolition Information
 2015 Annual Water Quality Report    Construction And Demolition Recycling Plan
 2014 Annual Water Quality Report    Bin Enclosure Standards 2008
 2013 Annual Water Quality Report    Bin Enclosure Drawings
 2012 Annual Water Quality Report  
 2011 Annual Water Quality Report   Water
 2010 Annual Water Quality Report    2017 Water Resource Status Report
     Urban Water Management Plan (2015 Final)
Wastewater    Water And Wastewater Element
 Sewer System Management Plan    Water Master Plan (2015) 
 Water And Wastewater Management Plan  
 Wastewater Collection Infrastructure Renewal Strategy   Water Conservation
 WRRF Upgrade EIR    Toilet Retrofit Form (printable)

   Toilet Retrofit Form (digital)
Utility Billing
 Utility Billing Adjustment Form (printable)
  Landscape Irrigation
 Utility Billing Adjustment Form (digital)    Landscape Engineering Standard
 Low Income Assistance Application (printable)    MAWA and Hydrozone table (excel)
 Low Income Assistance Application (digital)    Water Efficient Landscape Municipal Code
Recycled Water 
Resource Newsletter 
 Recycled Water Use Procedures
   Winter 2016/2017
 Recycled Water Application (Printable)     Spring 2017
 Recycled Water Construction Water Permit    Summer 2017
 Recycled Water Construction Water Brochure

 Fall 2017
 2017 Recycled Water Master Plan    Winter 2018
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