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We’re glad you have taken the time to visit your Public Works Department. These pages were created in effort to keep you informed on items critical to your quality of life. We're here to serve you and it is our hope that these pages enable you to better access and understand the services, programs and projects we provide.

Public Works performs a wide variety of tasks; from planting and trimming City trees, inspecting development, maintaining City parks, designing our utilities infrastructure, repairing sidewalks and streets, building bike trails, improving traffic safety, maintaining bridges, swimming pools and stadiums, managing downtown and neighborhood parking, providing transit service; to repairing City vehicles and maintaining City buildings. These tasks, among others, help shape our 5-Year Strategic Plan which focuses our efforts to improving the services we provide the community.

What We Do

Preserve and enhance city infrastructure for an accessible, safe, and inclusive community experience.

How We Do It

Partner for excellence, provide results.

Why We Do It

Inspire you to have the best day you've ever had.

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What's New

2016 San Luis Obispo County Self-Help Transportation Investment Plan

The proposed sales tax measure could mean more than $20M for San Luis Obispo in the Local Choice component of the package over the nine year period. These funds can be used on a flexible list of projects including arterial street repairs, pedestrian and bicycle projects and transportation safety and circulation improvements. The funding can also be used as leverage for matching state and federal grants such as the Active Transportation Program.  Additionally, for San Luis Obispo, the measure identifies another $ 17.5 M in for the Central County in Regional Projects. Of that amount, $9.5 M is for east-west and north south regional connections within the City of San Luis Obispo. The Bike and Pedestrian component generates 5.6 M for the Central County. City residents would also benefit from the road and bike improvements throughout the County. Finally, San Luis Obispo benefits from the Transit component as $ 1.125 M per year is divided among the fixed route providers by formula. It is estimated SLO Transit would receive approximately ½ of this funding for service improvements.  SLO residents would also benefit from the programs for senior and disabled mobility, approximately $750,000 year county-wide.  

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