Information Technology

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Network Services

The network services program is responsible for ensuring the City’s information technology resources are effectively managed and used as key organizational tools in improving organizational productivity, customer service, and public access to City information.

Program Goals

  • Developing and implementing long-range plans, policies, and standards for acquiring, maintaining, and achieving full use of information technology resources.
  • Providing responsive ongoing support, maintenance, trouble-shooting, and training for office automation equipment and applications, including computers, telephones, copiers, and other miscellaneous equipment.

Program Activities

  • Policies and standards. Implementing the City’s information technology plans, policies and standards; assisting in establishing organization-wide priorities for new system acquisitions; ensuring compliance with software copyrights and licensing agreements; protecting computer systems and files from unauthorized use or access; and providing staff support to the IT Steering Committee and other technical/user groups.
  • New systems and applications installation support. Taking lead responsibility for planning and managing the installation of new organization-wide systems and applications; and assisting operating departments in planning and managing the installation of new systems and applications for more specialized functions.
  • Network and office automation support. Assuring adequate support, maintenance, and training for the full use of City-wide information systems; providing advice and support to departmental application administrators; administering the wide area network; and administering all local area networks.
  • Telecommunications management. Supporting and maintaining organization-wide telecommunications systems, including telephones, voice mail, cell phones, fiber optic systems, data circuits, radios, utilities telemetry systems, and other "wireless" communication systems such as the mobile data computers in the Police and Fire departments.

Joint Fiber Optic Network

  • Installing and maintaining a jointly-owned wide area fiber optic network in cooperation with Cal Poly.