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Final Public Draft of the Downtown Concept Plan Available for Review

After incorporating input from the public and City advisory bodies, and with guidance from the project's Creative Vision Team (CVT), staff and consultants have revised the Draft Downtown Concept Plan Supplement and Illustrative. On July 12, 2017 the CVT unanimously endorsed the Final Public Draft of the Downtown Concept Plan. On July 26,2017, the Planning Commission unanimously recommended adoption of the plan. The Final Public Draft is available for review below: 

July 2017 Final Public Draft Downtown Concept Plan Supplement:

90x116p DTCP cover

July 2017 Final Public Draft Illustrative Downtown Concept Plan Poster:

DTCP Marsh_Higuera sketch thumbail

Downtown Concept Plan materials from the July 26, 2017, Planning Commission Meeting:

The City Council will be considering adoption of the Downtown Concept Plan on September 5th, 2017. Please attend and show your support! Or send in your input if you can't attend. See contact info at the bottom of the page. 

Downtown Concept Plan Background

The update of the Downtown Concept Plan has been underway since December 2016. A consultant team lead by Michael Baker International is working with City staff and volunteers on the update of the Conceptual Physical Plan For The City's Center, originally adopted by the City in 1993.The primary objectives of the project are to assess and update the present development, vision, goals and concepts related to downtown, in order to provide a road map for future public projects and guidance for private development in the downtown and surrounding areas.  

Creative Vision Team

A team of ten volunteers--the Creative Vision Team (CVT)--was appointed by the City Council to advise the City in the development of the Downtown Concept Plan. All CVT meetings are open to the public.The last CVT meeting was held on Wednesday, July 12, from 1-2 pm, in the City Hall Council Hearing Room, 990 Palm St.

Past Creative Vision Team meeting materials are available to review below: 

CVT Meeting #1

CVT Meeting #2

CVT Meeting #3

CVT Meeting #4

CVT Meeting #5

CVT Meeting #6

CVT Meeting #7

CVT Meeting #8

CVT Meeting #9

CVT Meeting #10

CVT Meeting #11

CVT Meeting #12

CVT Meeting #13

Approximately 150 people attended a public workshop to review key components of the Draft Downtown Concept Plan on Saturday, February 4, 2017. Following the workshop, City Advisory Bodies reviewed and provided input on the Draft Downtown Concept Plan, including the Mass Transportation Committee (3.8.17); Bicycle Advisory Committee ((3.16.17); Cultural Heritage Committee (3.27.17); Parks and Recreation Commission (4.5.17); Architectural Review Commission (4.17.17); Planning Commission (4.26.17 and 7.26.17). A summary of all public engagement activities can be found in Appendix 1 of the plan. See below for additional information.

Mission Plaza Concept Plan

Concurrent with the Downtown Concept Plan is the development of the Mission Plaza Concept Plan. A consultant team from the RRM Design Group has been hired to work with City staff to assess the present condition, uses and policies related to the existing Mission Plaza; determine impacts of Plaza events on adjacent residential neighbors, businesses, Old Mission Church operations and San Luis Obispo Creek habitat; explore expansion of the Plaza into the adjacent Broad/Monterey St. “dogleg” through permanent or temporary street closures; and provide a vision for the future of the Plaza and surrounding streets. The overall goal is to revitalize and refresh this important community hub and provide the City a road map for planning of future maintenance and development projects for the Plaza.

Recently, a second well-attended workshop was held where area residents were shown a presentation of the history and background of Mission Plaza, its current condition and possible improvement and expansion opportunities. Additionally, the community was engaged in reviewing concept design alternatives based on previous public input and had the opportunity to provide more valuable feedback.

The next steps in the plan's development are to present its options and community feedback to the different official forums such as the Planning Commission (PC) and the Parks and Recreation Commission (PRC), Architectural Review Commission (ARC) and Cultural Heritage Committee (CHC). You are invited to attend:

PRC – January 4
CHC – February 27th 
ARC – March 20th
PC – May 10th 
CC –  September 5

The presentation and design concept alternatives are available online for review:


Mission Plaza Concept Plan Update

 Mission Plaza Concept Plan Design Concept Alternatives  Mission Plaza Draft Concept Plan
 Mission Plaza Assessment and
Concept Plan Update

Mission Plaza Concept Plan
Design Concept Alternatives
Mission Plaza Draft Concept Plan


Thank You For Helping Us Imagine Downtown SLO!

Both projects have been soliciting input from a wide range of stakeholders and the general public. This work began in January 2016 with stakeholder focus groups for the Downtown Concept Plan and the Mission Plaza Concept Plan. Thank you to everyone with interests in downtown and Mission Plaza who shared their issues and ideas with us.

Our first public workshop was held on February 20, 2016 for the Downtown Concept Plan and Mission Plaza Concept Plan Projects. Thanks to all for making it such a huge success! 

DTC-MPM_Day1 (222)  DTC-MPM_Day1 (228)   DTC-MPM_Day1 (47)

Our second workshop on the Downtown Concept Plan was held on Saturday, February 27, 2016 at the SLO County Library. It was an interactive small-group format to refine input from the open house, provide feedback and start prioritizing project ideas.

IMG_4020   IMG_4019   IMG_4009

More Documents and Videos:

February 4, 2017 Downtown Concept Plan public workshop presentation.

Downtown Concept Plan Draft Outreach Summary (Includes stakeholder focus groups, Workshop #1, Workshop #2, online survey and neighborhood meetings--summary of activities and findings)

Downtown Concept Plan Draft Outreach Appendix A and C-H (All outreach except Workshop 1-pdf)

Downtown Concept Plan Outreach Appendix B (Workshop 1 details-Excel file)

A joint Planning Commission and City Council study session on both projects' work-to-date took place on Tuesday October 4, 2016, at 6 pm, in the City Hall Council Chambers.

See the City Council Meeting Video Archive page to watch the study session (select the October 4, 2016 City Council and joint City Council and Planning Commission Meetings Part 2).

See the Downtown Concept Plan presentation for more information on that project, or the full staff report with attachments.   

Stay informed!

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For questions on the Downtown Concept Plan, contact Project Manager Rebecca Gershow at:

For questions on the Mission Plaza Concept Plan, contact Project Manager Manuel Guzman at: