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Photo of a Firefighter City of San Luis Obispo
Fire Department

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San Luis Obispo Fire Department Apparatus

San Luis Obispo City Fire Department has several pieces of specialized equipment and apparatus. 



Fire Mechanic Bill Dugger & 1941 Mack 1941 Mack Truck

Purchased for San Luis Obispo and delivered in Dec.1941, this was one of the last units produced by Mack for municipal Fire Departments until WW11 was over.. All other units manufactured were conscripted to the armed forces.

The purchase of this unit required the Mayor of S. L. O. in 1941, to write a letter to the Department of War showing the absolute need of the City, for this Engine.

The apparatus was restored in 1998.

Apparatus at Fire Station 1

Fire Apparatus at Station 1 include Truck-1, Battalion Chief's vehicle, and the Incident Command van.  One of the response equipment trailers for the Countywide Hazardous Materials Team is housed at this facility.



Fire Engine at Station 2  

Fire Apparatus at Station 2 house Engine-2, State-owned OES Engine-271, and a Type-III heavy rescue engine/apparatus.


Fire Engine at Station 3

Fire Apparatus at Station 3 include Engine-3 and Brush-1.




Apparatus at Fire Station 4


Fire Apparatus at Station 4 consist of Engine-4 and Squad-1.









Truck 1

1993 Pierce (Lance)

Quint, 1500 GPM, 75’ Aerial ladder

First Line

Engine 2

2000 Pierce Lance

1500 GPM Triple-combination Pumper

First Line

Engine 3

2003 Pierce Lance

1500 GPM Triple- combination Pumper

First Line

Engine 4

1997 Pierce Lance

1500 GPM Triple-combination Pumper

First Line

Engine 5

1991 Pierce (Javelin)

1500 GPM Triple-combination pumper


Engine 6

2007 Westmark Type 2

1000 GPM 4x4    Type 2 Wildland Unit

Support Mutual Aid


2000 KME Westates - Calif. Emergency Mgmt. Agency

1250 GPM Triple-combination Pumper

OES Mutual Aid

Squad 1

1998 Ford E-450

Wheeled Coach Emergency Patient Transport

Support/ Mutual Aid

Command  Battalion Chief

2000 Chevrolet Tahoe

4 x 4 Command Vehicle

First Line

Command - Chief

2003 Ford Crown Victoria

Command Vehicle

First Line

Command - Training Officer

2000 Ford F-150

4x4 Crew Cab

Support/ Mutual Aid

Patrol 1

2007 Ford F-550 4x4 Type-4 Patrol Support/ Mutual Aid

Utility 1

2008 Ford F-550

4x4 Utility/Repair

Support/ Mutual Aid

Utility Trailer

7x12 Trailer

Towed Equipment Storage


1905 Seagraves

Historical Unit

Chemical Wagon


1941 Mack

Historical Unit

750 GPM Triple-combination Pumper




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