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City Business License & Tax Certificate Renewal

How long is the certificate valid?

Applications are received daily for new businesses. These new businesses receive a certificate, which is valid from the month the application is received through June 30th of each year.

When do I renew my business license?

All annual business license & tax certificate renewals are due and payable on July 1st of each year and become delinquent on July 31st of each year. All renewing businesses must submit a written statement, on a form provided by the Finance and Information Technology Department, stating the gross receipts earned the preceding calendar year as reported to federal or state taxing authorities. 

How much is the total renewal fee?

There are three separate components of the business license and tax certificate renewal fees: business tax, business license and, for downtown businesses, a downtown assessment.

The business tax is measured by gross receipts from the preceding completed calendar or fiscal year. The tax for all businesses is fifty cents per thousand dollars of gross receipts; with a minimum amount of $25.00. 

Business License Renewal (sample)

The business license is a flat $44.00 fee for all businesses.

The downtown business assessment is fifty-five cents per thousand dollars of gross receipts; with a minimum amount of $150.00.

Downtown Business License Renewal (sample)

Additional fees may also apply if your business has changed location within the city limits. Please call the Community Development Department at 805-781-7172 for more details.

What are gross receipts?

Gross receipts are the total amount actually received from sales, service, rentals or leases. Gross receipts include all receipts, cash, credits and transfers of any kind earned in the course of business. Gross receipts information is confidential.

What do I do if my business is closed?

Please fill out the closing date on the lower left-hand side of the renewal form, sign the bottom and mail it the Finance and Information Technology Department.

Are there penalties if I do not renew my business license & tax certificate?

There is a penalty of $15.00, or 1.5%, whichever is greater, monthly, on all unpaid balances.

All businesses that have not renewed their license by January will begin to accrue Administrative Citations in the amounts of $100.00, $200.00 and $500.00 monthly.

What is verification?  Why do I have to verify my gross receipts?

Since the City's business tax is based on the gross receipts generated in the last fiscal year, this program has been implemented to reasonably ensure that everyone is equally paying the amount of tax due to the City and that they are in compliance with the City's municipal code.

How do I verify?

Verification Program Fact Sheet


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