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California still lands in "top 10" lists

According to Area Development Online, California is still a force to be reckoned with. The state placed tenth in the 2011 Top States for Doing Business.   


Citing California's key cargo ports and two of the nation's busiest airports for international air cargo, the article based its ranking in large part on the state's position as a gateway to the world. California dominates all other states in international trade and global markets access.


In making its assessment, Area Development Online stated that "California has capitalized on its access to global markets by offering its so-called '4G Platform for Global Business,' which underscores its global innovation network, global competitive advantage, role as the gateway to the Pacific Rim, and its great lifestyle and entertainment advantages." 

Here in San Luis Obispo, we are exploring ways to take advantage of our own "gateway to the Pacific Rim," commonly known as the high speed internet cables that run from San Luis Obispo across the Pacific Ocean.  A public-private partnership between Digital West Networks, Inc. and the City now makes it possible to expand business' access to high speed internet services.  Via efforts by companies like Digital West Networks, direct access to the pipeline across the Pacific is becoming a reality.


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