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San Luis Obispo deemed a "happiest spot on Earth."

According to Parade Magazine, author Dan Buettner's upcoming book, Thrive, identifies the City of San Luis Obispo as one of the happiest spots on Earth.

The Parade Magazine article reports many of the hallmarks of our community as reasons for the author's "happiest" conclusions. In fact, the "lessons learned" supporting this designation have long been part of the Chamber of Commerce's Economic Vision document.

From the City's decades-long greenbelt acquisition program to an empowered population, policies in San Luis Obispo have long sought to protect and enhance the quality of life. This has become an important economic driver often cited as the reason businesses locate here.

Thrive ~ Reviews on reveal that SLO is one of only four communities identified in the book as having qualities that support happiness. To see all of the SLO qualities the author recommends to other communities, look for Dan Buettner's book, Thrive, due out on October 19.   


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